img_04Roger Abel began training over 20 years ago, with experience in training locally and internationally, and a background in swimming, lifesaving and aquatics, he saw the potential in helping people change their lives, and save others.With an emphasis on safety and a mission to create waves in the aquatic course and lifesaving industry, Roger Abel has become a leader in his field.

Quality and Experience

Our team has had extensive training and experience in every course we teach with qualifications and accreditation. We will listen and tailor your training and circumstances to assist you for better learning and a high standard of qualifications.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Our courses are delivered statewide; we deliver courses at schools, kindergartens, child care facilities, career and specific job training, workshops and to any other industry. Our team meets the requirements of an RTO and of the Australian Quality Training Framework registered in Victoria. All courses are Nationally Accredited and are endorsed through Life Saving Victoria.

Life Saving Victoria Code RTO 21799